Time Management

Biometric time and attendance system is one of the most successful applications of biometric technology. With the integration and use of biometric technology getting simpler, many corporations are venturing down the biometric road to verify the time and attendance of their employees.

A biometric time & attendance system, will have a user specify whether he(or she) is clocking-in or clocking-out. By using fingerprints (or other biometric traits) to determine identity, buddy-punching problems can be totally eliminated as well as other fraud. Attendance of each employee is printed on the attendance report. The attendance report can easily be exported to facilitate for payroll purposes. Employee working hours, overtime, etc. is correctly calculated and salaries can be paid accordingly.

Organizations of all sizes use time and attendance systems to record when employees start and stop work. In addition to tracking when employees work, organizations also need to keep tabs on when employees are not working (Vacation time). Some organizations also keep detailed records of attendance issues such as who calls in sick and who comes in late.

Companies with large employee numbers might need to install several time and attendance machines in order to speed up the process of getting all employees to clock in or out quickly or to record activity in dispersed locations.